Stories of Service

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Stories of Service

We would like to thank American Warrior Initiative, Fairway Mortgage, and AO Films for their support and this amazing video documenting Stories of Service with Guardian Service Dogs.

Stories of Service

Veteran Statements

Nate & Yahzi

“After I found a German Shepherd Dog that fit the criteria for a service dog, I realized I could never afford a service dog.  It wasn’t until I met David Proctor with Guardian Service Dogs that I started to regain my life.”

Kimberly & Presley

Kim has recently found a dog that fits her needs, Presley, a handsome Labradoodle puppy born May 15, 2018. He will be learning a wide variety of tasks such as Room Clearing and Detection, alert and response for Anxiety/PTSD Episodes.

Gary & Glyden

Gylden “…has already helped me to view the world through different eyes. Perhaps the world can be an interesting and fun place after all. He will be trained to interrupt my nightmares and give me reassurance in dark days as well as perform other tasks associated with my well being.”

Going through the training, because of PTSD, it’s hard.  You have to keep your temper. I like the way David handles it.  He’s very patient. For one, he understands what a combat vet went through.

– Gary, Vietnam Veteran

The toughest part of coming home was settling back down, coming off that Hypervigilant state…the cardboard box on the side of the road does not contain explosives…No matter how hard you tell yourself that you still can’t bring yourself to walk past it… Guardian Service Dogs is training my dog to help me with my item aversion.

– Anonymous

This little girl (husbands service dog) has forever changed not only my husband’s life but our whole family. We are able to go out and do things that we normally wouldn’t get to do as a family. Little things like a family dinner or events. She is such a blessing. SERVICE DOGS SAVE LIVES!

– Michelle, Veteran’s Wife

If I had never gotten a service animal in the first place, I probably wouldn’t still be around…

– Anonynous

I had a recurring nightmare that this other guy and I were scouting Oshawa Valley, In the nightmare, I was laying on the ground, in the leaves, then…NVA (North Vietnamese Army)…came up behind me shot me in the back…so that started watching my 6. I do it in restaurants, I do it in regular stores, Now…Where we are standing… The room behind us is open …No…I c- that’s not me…But it will be with him (my Service Dog) it will be because he will be covering my six…I don’t have to worry about somebody coming up behind me.

– Gary, Vietnam Veteran

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Supporting veterans and service members in regaining their independence and reintegrating into society with the assistance of a service animal.


Guardian Service Dogs is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to making Service Animals more accessible to Veterans, Service Members and others in need by providing quality Individualized Service Animal Training and assistive/adaptive equipment to individuals with disabilities, service animal research and training development, as well as serving the community by promoting education and awareness of Service Animals in accordance with the ADA.

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