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Guardian Service Dogs™

Service Dogs Save Lives™

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What we do: 
Guardian Service Dogs™ provides an alternative disability mitigation option for medical conditions with the use of a Service Dog performing medically necessary tasks and enhancing the quality of life by providing Quality Service Animal Training. Disabilities include but not limited to: Traumatic Brain Injury, Seizures, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Paralysis, Dissociative Disorders, MST 
Why Support us: 

We don’t just train dogs, we train Handlers. This encourages a successful bond and performance of the Service Dog Team. In our program, handlers don’t just learn how to “use” their Service Dog, they learn how and why their dog is behaving the way it is and how to address any difficult situations in various real-life situations. It’s not just a dog it’s medical equipment. We give independence, Service Dogs Save Lives 

Key factoid: 

Service Dogs are considered medical equipment by law, service dogs are not covered by insurance or the Veterans Administration


Our Impact: 
  My husband, a veteran was blessed with a service dog and David the trainer was awesome each step of the way. One of the things I really love is you train with your dog instead of getting a trained dog. Thank you for giving my kids their dad back!Michelle, Veterans Wife

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A matching grant is a pledge to match donations from others during the live Give! 2019 campaign ( in November and December. Give! Matching Grants are a powerful way to increase the impact of a gift by encouraging others to support a nonprofit you care about. The matching gift says to the public, “I will match your donations to Guardian Service Dogs™ up to $ [grant amount].” So a prospective donor can see, “my donation will be matched, so Guardian Service Dogs™ gets more donations when I make a gift!”

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Supporting veterans and service members in regaining their independence and reintegrating into society with the assistance of a service animal.


Guardian Service Dogs is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to making Service Animals more accessible to Veterans, Service Members and others in need by providing quality Individualized Service Animal Training and assistive/adaptive equipment to individuals with disabilities, service animal research and training development, as well as serving the community by promoting education and awareness of Service Animals in accordance with the ADA.

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