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Payton is an 8 year old girl that has been a fighter since day 1. She was diagnosed with Urtero Hydrocephalus. The Hydrocephalus caused brain damaged. the damaged resulting in her getting Cerebral Palsy. She was put in AFO leg braces at 1, when she began to walk. she started several types of therapy at age 9 months. she now wears a Walkaid instead of the AFO’s. She wants to be independent. She recently started having seizures, which has taken a large toll. She hasn’t been able to be unsupervised at anytime. Being Unique has made it difficult to make and keep friends. This dog is the light at the end of the tunnel in Payton’s eyes. It stands as a best friends and constant companion. She can go out and play without fear of having a seizure with no one around to help.



Supporting veterans and service members in regaining their independence and reintegrating into society with the assistance of a service animal.


Guardian Service Dogs is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to making Service Animals more accessible to Veterans, Service Members and others in need by providing quality Individualized Service Animal Training and assistive/adaptive equipment to individuals with disabilities, service animal research and training development, as well as serving the community by promoting education and awareness of Service Animals in accordance with the ADA.

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