Gary & Gylden

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 Gary is a decorated Viet Nam era combat vet. That suffered through 35 years of undiagnosed PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Gary spent those lost years moving from place to place and job to job with his family in tow becoming more withdrawn and socially isolated as the years passed. He was finally diagnosed with PTSD after attempting to take his life.

“Knowing what was causing my issues was a relief. However, no longer able to hold a job I cut myself off from the world and stayed in my room reading. The associated PTSD depression shadowed my days and haunted my nights. Once again suicide entered my mind as the only viable option. As a result my psychiatrist and counselor recommended a service dog to help me deal with my issues.”

Enter Gylden

Gylden is a beautiful Golden Retriever pup who has been trained to be my service dog. Gylden, at just a few months old, Gary says, “…has already helped me to view the world through different eyes. Perhaps the world can be an interesting and fun place after all. He will be trained to interrupt my nightmares and give me reassurance in dark days as well as perform other tasks associated with my well being.”

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Supporting veterans and service members in regaining their independence and reintegrating into society with the assistance of a service animal.


Guardian Service Dogs is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to making Service Animals more accessible to Veterans, Service Members and others in need by providing quality Individualized Service Animal Training and assistive/adaptive equipment to individuals with disabilities, service animal research and training development, as well as serving the community by promoting education and awareness of Service Animals in accordance with the ADA.

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