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Service Animals assist Disabled Veterans in day to day life, helping with a variety of disabilities, by performing task related to:

PTSD episodes    Anxiety attacks
Alerting on seizures and providing comfort through them
Emergency Alert Activation     Mobility Assistance
Memory Assistance    Item retrieval
and more.

Below you will find Profiles of individual clients we have or are currently assisting.  You can donate TODAY to help someone in need by helping them get their own Guardian Service Dog.  $1 – $50,000+ Everything helps! No donation is to big or to small.

All funds donated will benefit our Service Animal teams!!

From the cost of training, veterinary care, training aids, leashes, collars, quality dog food, training treats, assistive and adaptive equipment, Service Dog Vests and so much more.

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Gary and Gylden

Gary n Gylden

Faith/Tracy & Sky




Nathaniel & Yahzi